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About Extension

  • It's a new world. Fifteen years ago, who would have guessed that by now we'd be warming our morning coffee in the microwave, checking on our children using a cell phone, or using a computer to balance our checkbook? Two hundred television channels? Synthetic fats? Voice mail? E-mail?

    Whether we like it or not, the world is changing fast. Now each decision we make has to be based on a solid foundation - a foundation of facts, research, and up-to-the-minute expertise.

    Gunnison County, from its irrigated and cattle-filled pastures, to its high-end mountain resort, is as diversified as the people who live in it. With the diversity of our county comes the ever essential need for Extension. Information is everywhere and available 24-hrs a day. The problem lies in that this knowledge can be just as diversified as the people giving it. We see bad information given daily. Here at the Gunnison County Extension office, we are dedicated to helping our residents sort through this information. Quality staffed, our office is tackling the needs of the youth, agricultural producers, gardeners, businesses, home owners, parents, care givers, and the elderly of Gunnison County. Rest assured that the programs and knowledge our staff delivers is backed by some of the best minds in the state at Colorado State University.

    The State is Our Campus

    Since 1914, when Congress authorized Extension in each state, we've been in the education/information business. The purpose of the Extension system? To provide a link between the university and the citizens of each state. We make available to people like you the research, information and expertise provided by our country's universities, and help you use the information to solve problems and improve your quality of life.

    Agriculture and natural resources, Consumer and family education, and 4-H youth-development faculty in the counties: they're all part of Extension's effort to bring the latest information to the people of Colorado.

    There's only one difference between Colorado State University Extension and the university itself - the entire state is our campus, and its residents our students. Our system of county offices puts Extension resources within easy reach of Colorado's 64 counties.

    Programs to Build On

    Just a few of our programs:

    4-H Youth Development.
    Extension's powerful youth-development program reaches nearly 100,000 Colorado youth every year. They learn valuable life skills, such as leadership, ethics, decision making, record keeping, responsibility and community service - through projects in environmental science, rocketry, foods and nutrition, animal science and photography, to name just a few.
    Healthwise for Life.
    Extension and Area Agency on Aging offices throughout Colorado teach senior citizens how to play a greater role in their own health care. The results are improved diets and fewer trips to the doctor, which translates into considerable financial savings.
    Extension brought one of the country's most effective anger-management courses to Colorado parents, and now uses it to address issues of abuse and family cohesiveness.
    Value-Added Agriculture.
    Extension continues to develop alternative markets to keep food processing and food-processing revenues in the local economy.
    Water Quality.
    Extension, in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, developed guidelines to help Colorado crop producers employ Best Management Practices that protect the state's water resources while allowing producers to remain economically competitive.

    Resources to Build With

    Programs are just one way Colorado State University Extension delivers the goods. We also work with you one-to-one as a resource center - a place where you can get instant access to information relevant to your problems, no matter where you live or what you do.

    Questions on healthy living, nutrition or money matters? Farming, ranching or family issues? What to give your children for snacks? How often to water your lawn? Extension has the latest facts waiting for you. Facts you can access by phone, fact sheet, modem, booklet, educational conferences, CD-ROM, closed-circuit satellite broadcast, two-way interactive video, or old-fashioned face-to-face discussion. Simply call your nearest Extension county office.

    Speaking of resources, we have the Extension Resource Center on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins - boasting a collection of inexpensive publications and a CD-ROM on just about any problem or task you might face in Colorado. Our publications are not textbooks, they are booklets, information sheets, and brochures specifically intended for everyday use and application, written by experts and based on the latest findings.

    Accurate and Unbiased Information

    Finally, in this age of sound bites, coupons and advertisements wherever you turn, Extension offers a rare commodity indeed - information you can trust.

    Our techniques and data are all research-based, put together by specialists, experts and researchers with no products to sell or agendas to push. Our only concern is the accuracy of the information and the welfare of the citizens of Colorado.

    So if you are looking for straightforward, research-based, usable information on agriculture and natural resources; 4-H youth development; Consumer and family issues; or community development, then your first stop should be Extension.

    Call your nearest county extension office for more information. Let Colorado State University Extension help you build a new foundation to improve the quality of life for your family and your community.